As a Korea’s leading company in the field of UV LED,
UVER is always looking for talented and passionate
employees with active and progressive mind-set,
so do not hesitate to apply for our company

  • Concept of talent
    • P


      A person who does not lose positive
      and energetic energy to everything

      Always positive
    • E


      A person who can perform his /
      her duties with excellent sense

    • C


      A person with creative ideas
      who enjoy new ideas and changes

      A creative person
  • Recruitment procedure
    01 Receipt of application Required documents
    • A copy of our application form and self-introduction
    • Graduation certificate, career certificate, copy of license (only applicable person, one copy)
    • How to submit
      • Submit an application through various job sites or through e-mail
    02 Document screening
    • Applicants who passed the document screening process will be notified individually.
    • Documents submitted will not be returned.
    03 Interview

    Through interviews, you are comprehensively assessed for basic personality and application motivation, organizational adaptability, job performance, and major knowledge.

    04 Final pass

    However, if the contents of the application and the facts are different even after the final pass, the acceptance may be canceled.

  • Recruitment overview
    Recruitment notice You can check detailed information on recruitment.
    Contact us for application E-mail :
  • Resume form
    Download resume