Product technical data

Productivity improvement Quality improvement Energy saving Customer satisfaction
Productivity improvement - Shortening Curing time
- Take time reduction
- Compact size
- Labor cost reduction
- Production speed improvement,
  process simplification
Quality improvement - Solving yellowing, air bubbles,
  and heat dissipation problems
- Excellent Curing rate
- Selection and concentration
- Excellent abrasion resistance and
  surface strength
- Defect rate reduction
Energy saving - No pollutants
- Eco-friendly materials
- Maintenance, management
  cost reduction
- Low power consumption
- Semi-permanent use
Customer satisfaction - Cost reduction
- Excellent Curing rate
- Productivity and quality
- Time and space saving
- Eco-friendly energy source
- Sterilizing Action
255nm~280nm Disinfection, Water purifier, Air purifier
265nm~385nm Deodorization
- Medical & Scientific application
265nm~340nm Spectroscopy for Medical & Scientific application
310nm~340nm Phototherapy - Treatment of tendon, fungi, eczema, etc
385,395,405nm Tooth Whitening
- Industrial application
365nm~395nm UV curing
- Security application
310nm~395nm Counterfeit Money Check Machine
365nm~420nm Forensic applications : Blood stain identification
- Other application
340nm Blood Analysis
255nm~365nm Fluorescent Lightsource